New TER review and Stinky Feet video

  • 03/07/2013

As of late, I’ve been cutting back on My advertising and as a result, I’ve been asked if I’m still playing. The answer–as My most recent victims will know–is an emphatic and resounding YES! In fact, I so enjoy playing with those whom I’ve developed relationships with, that I’d much rather devote My time and energy towards our sessions than towards admin work and the screening process. That’s not to say I won’t take on new subs and slaves, just that I’m currently not seeking them out. I hope you all feel very lucky that you found Me when you did…

As evidence of My recent activity, here’s a new TER review that was just posted today:

ursuchagoodslut writes:

For me there was an intense connection as soon as I met Mistress Lucy : I at once felt my innermost secrets “naked” to her perception. First of all, she is DROP DEAD gorgeous!! I had been with many Dommes before but she made me quiver and sweat just by her looking at me — I knew then that I had met someone with whom I could share my most intimate fantasies without any games or judgment, or being taken advantage of. I started getting hard before we even finished speaking. She is the most accommodating, nice, genuine and skilled Domme I have met. I have now had 3 sessions with her in the last month, (another is planned soon) and there is good news and bad news for me : First the bad news : I am totally in love with and addicted to Mistress Lucy. I would go anywhere with her. The good news: …. (read more)

Now, what you’ve been waiting for…MY FIRST EVER VIDEO CLIP is now available online!

It’s a stinky foot fetish video that was taken at Footnight LA in 2012. The quality is superb, and the clip is about 5 min 45 sec long. The lighting is fabulous and you can see every wrinkle, contour, crumb, and smudge on My smelly, just-out-of-the-sneaker bare feet! Talk about a close up…

In honor of My first ever video clip, here’s a shot of Me lounging in bed yesterday. Feet, Foucault, and a pretty pussy. What else could you ask for?

feet n foucault