Talk Sugar, Square Cash, and a new review

  • 01/22/2013

With the new year, comes new platforms for communicating with My twisted little pets. Notice the beautiful new buttons to the right?
Whether you are located around the corner or across the pond, you can now submit to Me in a variety of ways.

First, I’m now on Talk Sugar, which enables you to submit to Me via telephone. It’s a great way to share elaborate or detailed fantasies with Me, receive distance training from Me, and feel out chemistry before a face-to-face. Though the icon in the sidebar will show you my current availability, you may also email Me to schedule a specific time to chat if I am shown as unavailable.

But that’s not all…I’m now also on SquareCash! It’s a convenient way to send Me tributes, gifts, donations, deposits, and etc. Though I will still accept Amazon gift cards and Moneypak as well, Paypal is a great way to send Me cash. For those of you who already have an account, this may be the most convenient way to show your love.

Finally, a new review on Max Fisch!

Slave Robert writes:

I’ve been around these forums for well over a decade, but I rarely write reviews. In fact, I don’t recall ever initiating one. With that said I feel compelled to write about Empress Lucy Khan. I actually wanted to reply to the max fisch post that led me to her but it is too old. You can search for the title if you’re interested. LA’S LADY LUCY…….My First Time & Not My Last!!

I have been around the BDSM scene for 20 years or so and have sessioned with some of the best dommes. But this year, I found the best, in my experience. I’m not going to write about any particular session in detail because each is unique. She is great at pushing my limits of things I am into and introducing me to other things I’m not. Sometimes I discover new things I enjoy, sometimes not. She seems to know just how much to push and when to hold back…(read more)

COMING SOON: My first foot fetish video available for download via Talk Sugar. Keep your eyes peeled & enjoy the teaser!
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