Asian Mistress

Talk Sugar, Square Cash, and a new review

  • 01/22/2013

With the new year, comes new platforms for communicating with My twisted little pets. Notice the beautiful new buttons to the right?
Whether you are located around the corner or across the pond, you can now submit to Me in a variety of ways.

First, I’m now on Talk Sugar, which enables you to submit to Me via telephone. It’s a great way to share elaborate or detailed fantasies with Me, receive distance training from Me, and feel out chemistry before a face-to-face. Though the icon in the sidebar will show you my current availability, you may also email Me to schedule a specific time to chat if I am shown as unavailable.

But that’s not all…I’m now also on SquareCash! It’s a convenient way to send Me tributes, gifts, donations, deposits, and etc. Though I will still accept Amazon gift cards and Moneypak as well, Paypal is a great way to send Me cash. For those of you who already have an account, this may be the most convenient way to show your love.

Finally, a new review on Max Fisch!

Slave Robert writes:

I’ve been around these forums for well over a decade, but I rarely write reviews. In fact, I don’t recall ever initiating one. With that said I feel compelled to write about Empress Lucy Khan. I actually wanted to reply to the max fisch post that led me to her but it is too old. You can search for the title if you’re interested. LA’S LADY LUCY…….My First Time & Not My Last!!

I have been around the BDSM scene for 20 years or so and have sessioned with some of the best dommes. But this year, I found the best, in my experience. I’m not going to write about any particular session in detail because each is unique. She is great at pushing my limits of things I am into and introducing me to other things I’m not. Sometimes I discover new things I enjoy, sometimes not. She seems to know just how much to push and when to hold back…(read more)

COMING SOON: My first foot fetish video available for download via Talk Sugar. Keep your eyes peeled & enjoy the teaser!
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It’s My birthday…

  • 12/19/2012

…and I’ll end the world if I want to.

This Friday on December 21st, I will be celebrating My 28th birthday. Looking back on this incredibly fruitful year, I want to blow big gusts full of kisses out to all of you.

Here’s to you My subs, slaves, toys, pets, perverts, worshipers, toilets, receptacles, cucks, bulls, pigs, and slutty puppies (did I leave anyone out?). Thanks for making this past year oh-so-special, and looking forward to an upcoming year of exploration and playful deviancy!

And for those of you who want to demonstrate their well wishes, here’s a recently updated wishlist for your convenience :) Be good now…


Mistress Lucy Khan does Miami 12/5-12/10

  • 11/20/2012

Wow, what a crazy couple of months it’s been: I played for the first time in Chicago (hello to My Midwest subs), have a fresh photo shoot under My belt, a bag full of new gadgets (phone, iPad, and now a HD camera thanks to My little Candyman :), graced a handful of events with My presence, and have several new projects in the works. Whew!

At this pace, no wonder 2012 practically flew by…
I think it’s time for a little vacation, don’t you agree?

Fittingly, I will be headed to Miami, Florida in the beginning of December. My home away from home is an airy condo in a beautiful Art Deco building located in the heart of South Beach. It’s perfect for domestic scenes, all sorts of worship, humiliation, service, and toilet sessions. Oh, and did I mention that My dear (and very sexy) friend Crystal will be joining Me? And My big-dick stud too? Some people have all the luck :)

So, for you East coast admirers who dream of being dominated and violated by 2 beautifully cruel Asian goddesses, for those bottom feeders that fantasize about serving as My personal toilet, for your unlucky pencil-dick cucks who are just dying to see how a real man pleases your Mistress, this is your opportunity to experience My presence–live, up close, and without mercy.

If you are interested in catching Me while you can, do get in touch ASAP. As always, My schedule fills up quite quickly while traveling so I do require a deposit in order to reserve a playtime for us.

In the meantime, here are some photos of Crystal and Me playing around the house. I will be posting more images from our little shoot together on My new tumblr page, so be sure to follow it to see more. Can’t you just imagine the fun We’d have toying with you?

Mistress Lucy’s reviews from external sites

  • 11/10/2012

Recently I came across some of My reviews on external sites and thought it might be useful to post some excerpts and links to them below for hopefuls who have yet to experience My presence.

I should mention that if anyone feels inclined to write Me a NEW review (preferably on Max Fisch’s “Reviews” category) do let Me know, as you may be rewarded with exclusive photos of Me taken just a few weeks ago. These photos are unavailable anywhere else on the web and are pret-ty delicious if I do say so Myself! I am feeling exceptionally generous this morning, so here’s a sample image below. Enjoy, perverts!

OCpainpuppy writes:

As you may all know i am not the easiest client to work with, I like to do creative role play type sessions and have a huge leather fetish and a real thing for Asian women. I first saw Lady Lucy advertise on the Back Page and Collarme. We all know how beautiful and sexy she is but meeting her in person was magical. After a few detailed emails and a couple of phone calls I really felt connected and knew I would have an awesome session. We planned for a 2 hour session on a Friday night. I was excited all week. Friday came and I was not disappointed. Lady Lucy was ready for me and she was wearing a sexy blond wig and was right in character. Words cannot describe how I was feeling and I fell right into character. We started out with a nice seduction and teasing with Lady Lucy always being in control which lead me into a bondage situation I was tied down and very secure and very aroused as Lady Lucy left the room but before she did she took off her sneakers and put them over my nose and mouth and told me to inhale and enjoy until she returns. The wonderful scent from her sneakers was strong and intoxicating. I was floating away and then in came Lady Lucy this time no blond wig and dressed in a very sexy black corset and very sexy black leather ankle boots… (read more)

BDSMlover9 writes:

Went to see Mistress Lucy for some good BDSM fun and was not let down. She is amazingly cute and has a real good mean streak. She is very good at what she does. Easy to set up an appointment with – emailed her, called her as requested and set up a time. Arrived at her place and…..Was allowed to enter and told to strip. I did and she was looking gorgeous in great boots and a tank top and shorts. She chatted with me for a few minutes about limits and interests and she took it from there. A good amount of verbal humiliation to go with some slapping and spitting which was a total turn on. The majority of the session was her getting me ready for some aggressive  play which she is very, very talented at. She warmed me up very nicely and let me know who was in charge. She worked her way up to a large… (read more)

Wafflesketchup writes:

I told her I liked to crossdress, anal play, bondage, etc. Well, once I was nude in the dungeon room, she brought over a maid dress and women’s heels for me to put on, and she applied makeup to my face, and put a wig on me. In the mirror I looked like a drag queen whore and it sure was exciting. Then she had me lick her boots clean, while she prepared a SO toy for me. She then had me sucked on her big toy as she deep throated me. One of my first times and it was fun. She pushed hard, made me gag, but in her way she was gentle also, she watched how I was doing and gently pushed my comfort limits. On the bondage bed she had me laid down on my back, handcuffed, blindfolded, and then… (read more)

VVVI writes:

Whether you are a first timer, novice, or experienced player, you should visit with Lucy the Mistress. You will find her engaging, experienced, and creative. I have seen her on several occasions and each case she brought something new and unique to the session. You will feel her strength without the hard attitude. She led me too the session room where we discussed the session and limits. She will be mindful of your limits but seems to reserve the right to push them. She tells me to get ready and leaves the room. A few minutes later she comes back and orders me on my knees with my palms up. She then proceeds to spank my ass red. She then takes me to the table and secures me with cuffs and proceeds to whip my backside. She turns me over, puts her ass in my face, holds my shoulders down with with her ankles, and…(read more)

Photos from Venus Lux’s B-Day Party

  • 10/15/2012

Last week, I had a lovely shoot with My little piece of property B-Mav who brought Me to his model Venus Lux’s birthday party in Hollywood. Bottle service, gourmet cupcake, and a couple professional perverts later (Katie St. Ives, anybody?) I was chauffeured home after a delightful evening!

So if you enjoy fantasizing about Me playing with something a little more feminine, here are some pics of us together to drool over. You can see more hot pix taken by Gorden Mui of EmmReport here.


Yours truly.


Like My shoes?

New phone / Texting resumes

  • 10/10/2012

Hello sluts! Guess who’s got a new phone?
Why yes, it’s Yours Truly :)
One week back, and I consider My trip to the Windy City a great success. I had several lovely sessions in Ms. Lydia Schiller’s elegant (not to mention spacious) playspace just west of Downtown Chicago. I was gifted a new phone (thank you!) which allows Me to take indulgent photos of Myself with ease (see below), and most importantly I have a new number so I can receive and send texts again. Finally.

    So here’s the breakdown:

NEW NUMBER: 323-863-LUCY (5829)
OLD NUMBER: 213-864-2464

My old number will still work for another month or so, but eventually I’m switching all My communications to 863-LUCY. Pretty slick, huh?

So as promised, said indulgent photos:

Getting acquainted with the space at Mistress Lydia’s in Chicago


Nurse Lucy on duty in the pervert ward
[Self-taken with My new phone].