July 12th Dungeon Play Party & Ruby Showers in the USA

  • 07/07/2013

Hi, sluts! I hope you all had a lovely 4th.

I’ve been back in Los Angeles for 2 weeks now and am just getting in the swing of SoCal summer. After My trip to Europe, I’ve been yearning badly for those luxurious cappuccinos, perhaps someone can help quench My thirst? But besides being spoiled by decadent European caffeinated beverages, I am oh so ready to play. I’ve already seen many of My most eager pets, but I do know that there are some strays out there who have been waiting, salivating for My return. Now’s your chance. Careful not to lag, as I take off for a weekend of glamping July 13-15.

Before I leave for My trip though, I will be making an appearance at My exquisite Dungeon’s second multi-Mistress play party this Friday, July 12th from 9pm-2am. It’s so good to be home :)


Our last party was amazing, but being the overachiever that I am, I’m looking forward to making this Friday’s party that much dirtier and sluttier. I’m in quite a Several of you have expressed interest in forced-bi, public humiliation, and group toilet situations. This is your chance to live out those fantasies. If you’re interested in allowing your true slut to express itself live and unchecked in a safe and discrete environment, details on how to attend can be found here. You may email Me with questions after checking out the link…

Coincidentally, this month, My cycle started  in conjunction with the birthday of the good ol’ US of A. As of late, My cycle has been rather light which has made it trying to schedule live ruby showers. However, for those of you so eager to experience My precious secretions, I’ve got a special collection of just-worn-panties and bottled juices. Do get in touch via email if are interested in these intimate items…

Until then, hope you enjoy playing with your meat as much as I do :P