Mistress Lucy does San Francisco | June 23-28, 2015

  • 06/18/2015

Hi sluts :)
With the days getting as long as they are, I’m happy to announce My little summer half-birthday jaunt to San Francisco is just around the corner! Bay Area slaves may be glad to know that I’ll be in town and taking sessions in the city between June 23-28th.  This will be my first trip to San Francisco and I will be playing out of  Morgana Maye’s La Maison, a decadent and expansive playspace near the Castro district. For those of you who have been there before, you’ll know that it’s an extremely private playspace, since we will have the entire house all to ourselves during our time together.

Since I’ve gotten so many requests from you SF boys inquiring about the joys of full toilet training, I have a special 2-course Dinner & Domination that I would love to indulge in on this trip up North.  

  • Course #1: This is a social hour dinner in which you take Me out and wine and dine Me, filling My belly with the best of foods and the finest libations. If we’ve not played before, this shared meal makes for a perfect opportunity to get to know one another on a deeper level which prepares us well for our second course…
  • Course #2: We meet at our agreed upon playspace the morning after our delicious dinner together. This time, we are meeting for breakfast and I FEED YOU.  As I transfer this meal from belly to belly, we get to once again enjoy the delicious meal we shared last night. Talk about coming full circle :) 

Interested in throwing your hat in the ring? I suggest you get in contact with Me ASAP so we can exchange ideas and compare schedules. I hope you NorCal subs will not miss this opportunity to serve Me while I’m in town, since I will be taking limited sessions on this trip…

If the above description of My two-course fantasy for this trip isn’t enough motivation, (check your pulse!) I’ll be generous enough to leave you with a new photo and an open-letter-cum-review freshly penned by My loyal little whatever…Hope to see you up north!


Whatever writes:

I have never felt compelled to write a review before, since I had always believed that what transpired in a session between a Domme and sub was private–part of a personal intimacy reflecting the tenor of a particular relationship. Moreover, since these relationships are fluid, with the best being mutually beneficial, there never seemed to be a compelling rationale to share the experience with a broader audience.
Yet, today I have decided to publicly thank Mistress Lucy Khan for the gift of her time and interest. I feel compelled to shine a spotlight on this psychologically-focused and emotionally-empathetic artist. Imposingly imaginative and intellectually creative, She has instigated a fundamental questioning of belief in my own perceptions about what is and is not possible. She has provided the rarest of gifts–insight–and I am profoundly appreciative.
For those of you graced with the opportunity to share time with this one-of-a-kind Domme, understand you should not bring a “drive thru” mentality.  I know we all have different interests and even though Mistress Lucy is skilled in virtually all aspects of BDSM, Her real differentiated skill is based on her uncanny ability to match your personality and proclivities with the perfect scenario to maximize the impact of time spent together. No matter how open to new experiences you believe you are, or how extreme your fantasies, She will leave you unmoored, questioning everything except your presence before her. It is absolutely primeval.
 She will understand your chemistry and make-up just as she has mine and when you acquiesce, you will see her eyes smile, reflecting the deep connection she has established…possibly followed by her sharing a “good boy”…and you will be happier than you could have ever imagined. Know with certainty your particular interests notwithstanding, Mistress Lucy will guide you in discovering others you did not realize you had–encouraging you to explore the hidden paths that please Her. In my case, She has inflicted escalating corporeal punishment with a psychological twist, instituted a fashion makeover, used me as an object of public humiliation, a human toilet, and a prop for role play scenes…none which were ever contemplated by me before training with her. She will crash you thru barriers and limitations and boundaries like they were tissue paper.
 Even after leaving the dungeon, I would find myself trembling throughout the day when recalling my efforts to entertain her. It is unnerving how she has initiated a re-definition of how I see myself. She sees clearly who I am and what I should become….and as I gradually reduce my reluctance to take this journey, She makes certain it all seems so right and simple. Her guidance and encouragement has result in a level of engagement I would have never imagined possible. It is total immersion…characterized by subjugation, acquiesce and finally a quiet, almost peaceful transcendental state.
Her physical beauty, intellect, sensuality and creativity will leave you breathless and spent, transfixed, gasping for air and yet–always wanting more. I cannot recall ever being part of a more emotionally and psychologically intense experience. If you’re anything like me, there is simply no way you can possibly ignore the opportunity to serve her…

Mistress Lucy’s Complete Male Makeover Project

  • 05/31/2015

With all the redecorating of My space this year, the urge to update and renew doesn’t seem to end with architecture. Lately, I’ve been very much into giving willing and worthy subs total-package makeovers. From outfit selection to haircut, eyewear, and body hair grooming, I’ve got opinions on how the gentleman should present himself for a Woman’s aesthetic pleasure.

I see too many of you poor things walking around with the same haircut that Mom gave you literally decades ago–as if this is an appropriate way to present yourself to your Boss! And if caring about your appearance doesn’t sound like “you”, then “you” don’t sound very considerate…this process is an opportunity not only to update your appearance, but to change your perception of and relationship to yourself. After all, the more self-esteem you have to surrender, the more satisfying your submission is to Me…

Come join Me in 2015, won't you?

Come join Me in 2015, won’t you?

If you’re ready to learn how to present yourself for the pleasure of the Me and the other Women in your life, I invite you to let Me lead you into the 21st century. Taking place in public, our makeover session dynamic can range from nurturing to humiliating, and can stand-alone or be incorporated as part of a more intensive male re-training program. Ironing out budget and details in preliminary communications, we would then spend a half-day together, remaking you in My image.

To celebrate our remodeling job, we can arrange to cap off our time together with a social hour and/or session. As a versatile and diligent Dominant, I enjoy bringing My submissives through the entire cycle of power exchange–putting My little Ken doll to good use after dressing him up to My liking!

Perfect as part of an extended, overnight, or multi-day training session, My fashion rehab, aesthetic overhaul is for the discerning submissive who recognizes the transformative power of a Woman’s touch. Life is too short to stand still; submit yourself to My discerning eye and become a living, breathing extension of My will…

Back from NYC and Saint-or-Sinner Play party at SubmissionLA FRIDAY November 14!

  • 11/12/2014

Hi sluts :)

As many of you know, I’ve just gotten My feet back on solid ground after a trip to NYC followed by a vacation to My hometown of Beijing. Being My first time back in NYC in over 5 years, I’m happy to report that the boys there are as dirty as the city is vibrant. you know who you are. In fact, here’s what one of you had to say about our time together:

Mike099 writes:
I met Ms Lucy Khan on her visit to NYC, a rare opportunity for me. All my expectations were met and more. I have a fairly involved scene and she quickly understood what I needed and improvised much more. And she is stunning. Waiting for her return to the east coast!

While in town, I stayed in the East Villiage with a dear friend–an ethreal and mischievous blond who sometimes joins Me in session when She’s in town. If you know the neighborhood, you know how well I was provided for in terms of indulgence and entertainment! Besides exploring new sites and revisiting old haunts, one of My favorite things about traveling is the opportunity to meet other well-respected Dommes from around the world. On this note I want to give a big THANK YOU to Mistress Wynter who hosted Me at Her exceptionally well-equipped and conveniently located private dungeon in Chelsea.  There, I felt so at home that I hosted a delicious extended overnight session with a eager slave who I ended up remodeling head-to-toe...

Speaking of well-respected Dommes, the next SubmissionLA Multi-Mistress Play Party is coming up THIS FRIDAY, November 14th. The theme for this month’s dirty little mixer is Saint-or-Sinner so this is the perfect setting to do your best to be your worst. In addition to many of the SubmissionLA Dominas who have been in attendance, TS Mistress Kitty Doll will be joining us for the first time! I’m very excited to have Her join us for some FemDom fun, and am eager to see what lengths you sluts will go to impress Her…

Do join us while you still can, as our parties have been getting more and more popular! RSVP for our guestlist below.


If  I don’t see you there Friday, I supposed you’ll have to keep on guessing about My personal orientation :)



Mistress Lucy does NYC | Sept 29-Oct 5th and Back to School party in LA | Sept 19th

  • 09/15/2014

I’m ba-ack!

And I’m happy to be coming home to My dungeon’s Back-to-school Multi-Mistress Play Party taking place this FRIDAY, Sept. 19th, 2014.  For this fall event, Ms. Eden Winter and I will be turning SubmissionLA into a FemDom institution overrun by strict Head-mistresses, Bossy Bitch School Girls, and Rough & Ruthless Lady Jocks. My dear friend and strict, red-head Mistress Rebecca Knox will be in attendance for Her first EYES WIDE SHUT MOUTH WIDO OPEN party, so do not miss this opportunity to make an impression with Her this Friday.

Personally, I’m very much looking forward to using you inferior males as Our personal playthings. Perhaps we’ll configure studious little nerds into a bimbo cheerleading squad, or humiliate jocks by forcing the team captain to blow his teammates–who knows what we might have in store for you naughty little boys…

To see which of My femdom friends will be at My side and for instructions on how to enroll for this re-education party, do CLICK HERE


Ms. Rebecca Knox flanked by Dominatrix Iris and Myself

Ms. Rebecca Knox flanked by Dominatrix Iris and Myself

Also, I know you east coast sluts have been waiting for this, so I’m excited to announce that I’ll be taking sessions in NYC for the first time at the end of this month. Mark your calendars, boys: I’ll be in town from September 29th until October 5th and playing out of a fully-equipped dungeon in the Midtown/Chelsea area.  My schedule is usually fully booked once I’m in town, so do plan accordingly and get in touch with Me well in advance if you wish to serve Me during My stay. Because who knows when you’ll have this opportunity again?

Mistress Lucy’s New Review, August 22nd Foot Party appearance, & vacation

  • 08/19/2014

What a deliciously packed summer I’ve been having.

After traveling and playing in both Chicago & Atlanta, hosting three parties in Los Angeles, and pushing numerous slaves past what they thought was possible, it’s time for your Asian Goddess to get off the grid for a bit. Please note that from August 23 to Sept 3rd, I will be deep in the desert without phone or email communication capabilities. Oh, what’s a slave to do? 

Perhaps you’re desperately trying to calculate how you can squeeze in one last whiff of My powerful pheromones before I jet. If this sounds like you, then I must say that you are in luck.

I will be making a rare appearance at a foot party hosted by Elegant Bare Feet at SubmissionLA on Friday, August 22nd–this is your chance to catch Me the day before I take off. Don’t squander this opportunity. For those of you who have been following, you’ll note that I’ve not attended a foot party since summer of 2012 so this is truly a rare opportunity to experience My perfectly-formed feet in an intimate group setting. I absolutely adore having My toes licked, sucked, and otherwise worshiped so do come send Me off with a smile. See which of My Domina friends will be joining Me and get details on how to RSVP for this exclusive foot fetish party here.


To keep Me in your mind during My absence, maybe you can read and re-read a new review I received on Max Fisch. It’s descriptive, well-written, and comes from My most recent trip to the Windy City.

Lucy’s Pet writes:

From the moment Mistress Lucy opens the door, She is in control. Mistress is very thorough and pays close attention to detail. i am privileged to have sessioned with Her twice – the first time at Submission LA dungeon (highly recommended), the second at Chicago Dungeon Rental’s upscale west loop location. my first session with Mistress Lucy was everything a novice could hope for (and for you novices out there reading this – you will never want to session with anyone else). The second time, just two days ago, was at a whole new level…(read more)

In the meantime, remember that patience is a virtue and do await details on My upcoming trip to NYC in the beginning of October.

Hope you can all be good while your Mistress is away…

Overflowing Toilet sessions with Bossy Bitch Delilah | JULY 12-15th

  • 07/07/2014

I hope you all had a very happy “independence” day, whatever that means for a slave…

As you all know, I’m headed to Chicago in just over a week for some good ol’ Mid-western mayhem, but before then, a very special guest and dear friend will be coming to town to wreak some havoc on Los Angeles with Me:

If you don’t already know Bossy Bitch Delilah, you will now. Formerly based in NYC and currently based in Atlanta, GA, Delilah is a bona fide SQ and true FemDomme Boss Bitch. Quick as a fox, Her tongue is razor sharp and Her ass is truly in a class of its own. Don’t just take My word for it, see for yourself at Her very own clips4sale:

uAs we both love to feed the worthy and debase the worthless, Bossy Delilah and I will be considering doubles together during the four days we overlap during her LA tour: July 12th, 13th, 14th, and 15th. Our mutual interests include slut training, smothering, humiliation, corporeal punishment, foot worship, and of course, our favorite: FTT. I know some of you toilet sluts have been yearning to be brought to the next level, so I suggest you take advantage of this is a very rare opportunity to session with two Mistresses who genuinely love to make you surrender in this very special way…


Like I said, this is an exceptionally rare opportunity, so if you’re looking for the ultimate chow-down challenge, I would act fast if I were you. Interested parties may get in touch to inquire about a double session with Delilah and I at SubmissionLA via email now,