Mistress Lucy does the Pacific Northwest | Double Domme & vanilla voyuer sessions in LA

  • 04/24/2016

Hello My little playmates!

For those of you who follow Me on Instagram, you know I’ve been trotting the globe promoting and enjoying My FemDom lifestyle.  Though I’m back in LA until the end of the month, May brings some upcoming travels to the lush landscapes of the Pacific Northwest. If you’re based in the area, you’ll be glad to see My travel dates below. Though My usual list of BDSM activities apply, I’ve also included some preferred areas of play that I’m hankering to participate in while I’m in town. This will be My first trip to both Portland and Seattle for Domination purposes, so I hope I’ll be properly entertained!

May 6-10, 2016
With an emphasis on public humiliation, cross dressing/forced femme, toilet training, wrestling, scent and foot fetish, fitness domination, and exhibitionism with vanilla girlfriend voyeurs.

SEATTLE, Washington
May 11-15, 2016
I’ll be traveling with My very well proportioned bull so I’m looking forward to cuckolding, and domestic scenes as well as full toilet training (of course!), dining & domination (with or without Me feeding you the next morning ;), shopping/aesthetic overhaul, public humiliation, and good ol’ fashioned role reversal!

If you see something that strikes your fancy listed above, or have a question about setting up a session with Me while I’m in town, do feel free to get in touch early before My freetime is totally spoken for…

And don’t worry, you LA-based sluts, I haven’t forgotten about you! I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be offering double Domme sessions with the infamous, OG LA Asian Dominatrix Damiana Chi  both before and after My jaunt to the northwest. We’re both at the top of our game, and together we’ll take your breath away. By the time we’re through with you, make no mistake that you will KNOW. YOUR. PLACE.


And if that weren’t enough for you deviant little perverts, just an FYI that I’ve reconnected with some stunning old friends who are curious want to see sub sluts humiliate themselves for female pleasure!  Ms. A is a curvaceous blond novice with an easy laugh and a sharp wit who is brand new to the scene and curious to take in any and every fetish. Ms. C (pictured below) is a gorgeous photographer with a dirty little mind who is curious to learn more about the kinky arts. She’s down to just watch you get used and abused, but if you’ve ever wanted to capture our time together on film, there may be a way to arrange that if you ask nicely… :)


So with that, I’ll leave you to drool all over yourselves in anticipation of all I have in store for you dirty little fuckers. If someone or something I mentioned struck your fancy, don’t forget to get in touch so we can make arrangements for your impending submission…

Mistress Lucy’s 2016 travels: Photos from MEX & Upcoming trip to NYC March 9-11th

  • 03/07/2016

Good morning lovelies,

I hope all you mischievous subs have been staying active and behaving yourselves in this new Year of the Monkey. If you’ll remember, I flew back to LA from Mexico City in the beginning of February to make it just in time for our all Asian Multi-Mistress party, The Eastern Empire. If you were unfortunate enough to have missed this event, you should be kicking yourself for depriving your slut ass of this unforgettable day of play. Featuring a formidable crew of some of the most beautiful and skilled Asian Dominas in existence, I invite you to eat your heart out…


And now, after spending the last month in the City of Angels, I’ll be taking off to the east coast for My second-ever trip to NYC!

Staying and playing in Manhattan, I will be considering rendezvous from Wednesday, March 9th – Friday, March 11th. As usual, I will require references, so do have that information ready when you contact Me.

In addition to serving Your’s Truly, I will be accepting requests for double and triple Domme sessions with the cunning Lucy Sweetkill and smoldering Dia Dynasty. Play your cards right, and you might get even more than you bargained for…

Finally, if you need a reminder of how I travel, here are some photos from My playdate at Sinful Atelier in Mexico City. Impeccably appointed by the congenial Mistress Natasha Muller, the space is outfitted with a covered swimming pool, underground slave quarters, and several fully-equipped play spaces for Our pleasure. Enjoy these shots from our Sunday in the sun, and don’t miss your chance to submit to Me while I’m on the East Coast!

natasha y susy

foto mascara





Mistress Lucy does Mexico City: Feb 4-8th, 2016 | All Asian FemDom Party in LA: Feb 10th, 2016

  • 01/21/2016

Happy 2016, My dirty dears!
I hope this new year finds you well and that you’re chomping at the bit to push past old limits…I know I am. And what better way to broaden one’s horizons than with some long-anticipated international travel? I’m thrilled to announce that, I’ll be traveling to Mexico City and taking sessions between February 4-8th. This will be My very first trip to MEX and I am looking forward to exploring everything the city has to offer. I’ve dubbed this year The Year of Pleasure so I fully expect to make it live up to its name in every way.

I have quite a busy itinerary while I’m in Mexico City, so if you hope to catch Me while I’m in town, it bodes well for you to get in touch well in advance. Though I’ll have exclusive access to a luxurious fully-equipped dungeon space, there also happens to be several art fairs that coincide with My visit, which would make a perfect backdrop for one of My favorite activities: public humiliation :)

As usual, My calendar fills up fast so if I were you, I’d get the ball rolling today


DOMINATE YOURSELF: A Manifesto for Submission in celebration of Mistress Lucy’s birthday

  • 12/17/2015

With the calendar year coming to an end, and My birthday on the 21st planted firmly in the midst of the holiday season–which to be realistic, Dommes us all when it comes to social obligations–December has always been a complex month for Me. Juggling My own penchant for flamboyant birthday celebrations with the collective impulse to reenact more traditional orthodoxies, it can be a time fraught with ambivalence and inundation when it comes to reflecting on and wrapping up a year of one’s life.

That’s why this year, dear sluts, I’ve decided to round out My year by writing a Manifesto for Submission. This declarative text is one that is close to My heart–laying out the many reasons why submission, and the surrender it entails, is crucial for living a more lucid and self-actualized life.  This is an important topic so it’s a longer read than usual, but I hope you can buckle down and take from this nugget of wisdom what you will…and that you demonstrate your understanding of it by exercising your submission and treating your Mistress to something very nice for Her birthday ;) 



I. Introduction

Do you suffer from feelings of restlessness, dissatisfaction, anxiety, and inferiority? Of course you do! We all have things about ourselves that we would like to change–thoughts, fears, and anxieties we’d rather avoid or pretend like don’t exist. Yet day after day, we go on denying and downplaying our personal weaknesses, hiding from one another the fact that–on some level–we all feel like worthless maggots slithering around in our own goo.

So why don’t we simply make the changes in ourselves that we can so clearly identify? Popular wisdom credits a lack of willpower, resolution, or constitution for the inertia that prevents one from embodying their ideal self. This type of “common sense” logic is as ubiquitous as it is false, acting as a red herring when in fact, the opposite is true: it is actually the inability to submit that holds each of us back from reaching our true potential.

II. The Fiction

Whether you are a Freudian who divides the psyche into id/ego/superego, or a religious type who posits that our “soul” is engaged in a cosmic tug-o-war between good and evil, there is a common sentiment that the human subject is not in agreement with itself. Far from homogeneous, each individual houses an ecosystem–a diverse bio-environment where organs, bacteria, parasites, and viruses are held together in space by the fleshy skin sack that delineates our body.

And yet even with the messiness of this material reality upon us, we still speak of the self as a single entity, driven by a clearly defined force. Self-control, self-discipline, self-possession, single-mindedness…the language we use betrays the collective fiction that currently defines modern life.

We’ve been told over and over that in order to be competitive one must man up, grow a pair, have some balls, don’t be a pussy, act like a man…really? Can you think of anything more vulnerable, or more delicate than balls hanging defenselessly in a sack, unprotected and open to the world? Yet, this is the common language used to denote strength and dominance.

Meanwhile, the pussy, which is capable of taking poundings without repercussion, regularly bleeding for days on end, and literally gives new life to humanity is used as a negativism synonymous with weakness and cowardice. Do you sense an inherent contradiction here?

III. Time to wake up

What are folks talking about? Why all this emphasis on self-dominance and not self-submission? Could it be the same reason that we use the weakest part of humanity as a metaphor for strength?

While language can help us perform the mental gymnastics necessary to invert reality–I, for one, have had enough. I’m sick of seeing people around me miserably toe the line in their personal lives, relationships, and careers—playing it safe out of fear that someone will discover the deviant inside, who will then inevitably expose their carefully curated life as a sham, a failed pantomime of normalcy. I say fuck that old hat…because it’s never too early to hit rock bottom. It can only be too late.

In fact, coming to terms with the worst you have to offer is perhaps the best thing you can do. So stick your dick in that hat and start humping. Understand that your weakness is the part of you that is most real. Dreams and aspirations are like vapor, whimsical fantasies that anyone can conjure–but the shameful repressed parts are what constitute your personal landfill. This is what makes up your foundation here’s where we look into the void that you’ve built your entire life around. Now that’s real.

IV. Sit in your Shit

You led yourself here, and now you must surrender to forces greater than yourself in order to eat your way out of the subterranean mess you made. Make no mistake, what I’m talking about is submission. Willfully relinquish your power and know that it is only through the acceptance and adoption of physical and psychological submission to another that you have any real chance of ultimately submitting to yourself. So isn’t it about time to dissolve your ego and embrace what you dread most? 

Humiliation, degradation, objectification: the more extreme one’s devotion to selflessly serve the desires of another, the more actively one endeavors to transcend the fiction of self that is presented daily, the more one stands to gain from this experience. It is only when one is able to remove one’s own self-imposed limitations that one’s true potential can be revealed. There is no dominance without submission so if you wish to truly master yourself, you must become practiced in the art of surrendering yourself.

This art may not be for everyone. Standing naked and vulnerable in the face of total obliteration takes no small amount of courage. But if you can humbly accept your seat in the shit and stand to be deconstructed–crumbled into a million little pieces under your own lens–I promise, you will transcend insecurities and internalize reality’s inherent contradictions, coming out the other side stronger than you ever imagined.

V. Conclusion

No matter who you are or what you do, you can unleash the power of submission that is already latent inside you.

Give up control, give up hope, and give up judgement. Start your training today to (i) honestly acknowledge your actual makeup (no matter how perverse the fear-driven world might say it is), (ii) lovingly accept your personal garbage heap by wallowing in your worthlessness, (iii) and tap into the regenerative power of submission as a renewable source of strength. Empty your mind, stop asking questions and shed the ego–start your slow crawl to success right this moment and grow a pair…then let Me tie them up in a pretty pink bow and bust them to My hearts content.




THE EASTERN EMPIRE | Exclusive All-Asian FemDom play party | August 21, 2015

  • 08/07/2015

Hello, dear followers.

I’m newly back from Chicago and excited to share with you a long-awaited party that is just on the horizon. After months of brainstorming and organizing, I’m thrilled to say that The Decameron co-hosting Our first-ever ALL ASIAN Multi-Mistress FemDom Party with the infamous Chi Sisters in the freshly re-built Chi Temple in Downtown LA!

If you know Me, you know that I love playing with friends, so I am eagerly awaiting this day of full Asian Female Supremacy with six of My closest. In THE EASTEN EMPIRE, lowly males will be made familiar with their new station in life: under the boots of fierce, feminine Eastern Beauties. While we may seduce you with our bewitching gaze and smooth skin, make no mistake that you’ll be watching your preconceptions of the submissive Asian Female crumble in front of your very eyes as We hijack your will and destroy your ego…


This is an exclusive invite-only play party featuring some of the finest Dominas in Southern California. If you think you are worthy of our time, you may see who is attending and apply for an invitation here.

For those who are lucky enough to have served Me in the past, you may contact Me directly to request an invitation. Space is very limited so don’t delay as this rare opportunity to serve your Eastern Goddesses all under one roof will sell out.

Good luck and hope you make the cut!


Me & Attending Mistress AnLi at the 2015 DecameronLA Spank n’ Shine station.

Mistress Lucy returns to Chicago | July 30 – Aug 4, 2015

  • 07/14/2015

Hello Midwest!

I’m happy to be announcing that I will be back in Chicago between July 30th-August 4th. Like My summer trip to the Windy City last year, I will again be basing Myself in the Loop and playing out of Chicago Dungeon Rental’s West Loop location. Newly redesigned and immaculately maintained, this completely private loft-style play space is truly a pleasure to play in, so I encourage you to seize this opportunity to serve Me in style when I am in town.

Though I am widely known for My command of full toilet training and other forms of edge play, I will be adding a cherry on top for this particular trip. I’m excited to announce that My trusty bull will be traveling with Me to Chicago, so this is a rare opportunity to not only worship Me, but to experience the ultimate tease & denial of a cuckolding sceneWhether in public or private, there is nothing more erotic to Me than sneaking peeks at  a desperate sub languishing with unfulfilled desire while I’m having the time of My life with a superior male specimen

This will be a business trip mixed with pleasure, so you can be sure that My time is incredibly valuable while I’m in town.  So boys, if you are serious about submitting to Me, you should be able and willing to plan ahead and get in touch with Me before My arrival date.

Hope to torture you soon under the gorgeous Illinois skies!