Archive: September 2012 - Asian Mistress Lucy Khan

Mistress Lucy does Chicago 9/27-10/2

  • 09/14/2012

For those wholesome slaves based in America’s heartland–it’s time to mark your calendars!  I will be in Chicago taking sessions from September 27th through October 2nd (for those of you who are 9-5 oriented, that’s Thursday through Tuesday). I will be sessioning near Downtown Chicago (off Ashland and Chicago) at a fully equipped private dungeon play space by appointment only.

If that weren’t enough, this month’s Ruby Showers is projected to start on September 26th. This is a rare opportunity for those Windy City dwellers to experience such a pleasure…

Since I will be visiting with friends and family throughout My stay, My availability will be limited…so if you are eager to play, it’s best to get in touch as soon as possible. Be prepared to provide references and put down a deposit. Ready to come hither?

Ladies of Dungeon West @ Black Unicorn TONIGHT

  • 09/14/2012

Yikes! It feels like I just got back to LA and now I’m leaving again for a few days near the end of the month. But if you want to catch Me in the meantime, perhaps you should stop by the Black Unicorn fetish party at Dragonfly in Hollywood tonight. Matsumi Max will be performing, and Yours Truly will be there with the lovely and sadistic Dommes of Dungeon West, including Justine Cross, Natalie West,  and Nurse D’Vita, playing with friends throughout the evening. Stop by for a spanking, won’t you?

How to compose an introductory email to Mistress Lucy

  • 09/05/2012

Communication that encourages a response from Me looks like this:


Dear Mistress Lucy,

i hope this email finds you well, my name is______.  You are obviously a beautiful, talented and dominant woman who is to be respected, worshipped, and entertained.  i came across Your information originally via ______ website and also saw your ad in ________.


i am interested in submitting to You for a (1 hour? 90 minute?, 2 hour?) session this __day__date__time__, or later at your play space, or I can host in the ____ neighborhood.

i look forward to scheduling a session with You and my phone number is ___-___-____.


relationship status, age, weight, hair, eyes. My day-to-day life is like… work, family, etc. i find this play to be… an escape? fun and entertaining? therapeutic?


i have been playing in the BDSM scene for over __ years… My experience is in: live sessions? skype/chat/phone? always as a submissive? (name dropping and references are optional.)


my interest and experience include the following types of play:________. (Include your fantasies, the type of session that you desire, and a list of the kink you have previously experienced.)


The following are limitations I respectfully request: ________. (Include any health concerns, and all psychological, emotional, or physical limitations.)

Should You find O/our interests compatible, i look forward to sessioning with You.


your sub / slave name

Email: LucytheMistress [at] gmail

Appointment line: 323-863-LUCY (5829)